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Monday, 26 July, 2010

A Museum of Russian Helicopters...!!!!!

A Museum of Russian Helicopters. ..!!!!! A museum of Russian helicopters. Simple as it, but a lot of fun for visitors, especially with kids when they can explore the machines previously seen only in movies.

Latest Amul ads.... its so funny

amul24.jpg amul19.jpg amul20.jpg amul23.jpg amul461.jpg amul7.jpg amul12.jpg amul17.jpg amul21.jpg amul35.jpg amul43.jpg amul45.jpg amul47.jpg amul50.jpg amul51.jpg amul56.jpg amul57.jpg amul58.jpg amul60.jpg amul61.jpg amul62.jpgamul63.jpg amul67.jpg amul68.jpg amul70.jpg amul71.jpg amul72.jpg amul181.jpg amul201.jpg amul222.jpg amul252.jpg amul271.jpg amul281.jpg amul331.jpg The latest Amul banner featuring Anders Iniesta and lovely, bubbly, Shakira.. :P :P amul25.jpg

World's Most Strange And Hungriest Girl Suman Khatun, a five year-old obese Indian girl who suffers from a suspected hormonal imbalance, is so in

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