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Wednesday, 22 September, 2010

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights - Awesome

Aurora Borealis is an 'Electro-Magnetic" phenomenon,occuring in the skies of northpole, during the months of winter when nights are for months,as in northern Norway,Sweeden and Russia...... . Average Temp is -40 celcius. Notice the temperature! [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] THIS IS A FIRE RAINBOW - THE RAREST OF ALL NATURALLY OCCURRING ATMOSPHERIC PHENOMENA . THE PICTURE WAS CAPTURED THIS WEEK. THE EVENT LASTED ABOUT 1 HOUR. CLOUDS HAVE TO BE CIRRUS, AT LEAST 20K FEET IN THE AIR, WITH JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF ICE CRYSTALS AND THE SUN HAS TO HIT THE CLOUDS AT PRECISELY 58 DEGREES. [] God's hand work. Beautiful sight! Pass along for others to see!!!

Amazing Fractal Art Pictures..

Fractals are shapes that can be split into several parts and every part is a reduced size of the whole. They usually have fine structures at arbitrarily small scales, being too irregular to be described in traditional Euclidean geometric language. Fractals have an infinite complexity and it’s almost impossible to reproduce such a complicated image.

In the last decade fractals gained a lot of popularity, especially that now they can be generated with special software or created in other digital manners. For the ones who don’t own such software or haven’t learned how to use it yet, know that fractals can be quite easily found in nature too, and artistically expressed through photography.

Romanesco o Broccoli Fractal

Apophysis Autumn Flowers

Lacewing Ballet

Vulture over Prometheus



Beautiful Fractal



One the Many

Spherical Divide

Ask the Mask

Eye of the Storm

Strange Creatures


Unwinding Time

Chains of Gold

Yin and Yang

Pewter and Brass

Space Coaster

Golden Crown

Jewel de Innac


Experiment 93

Starlight and Lace

Fractals in Nature

An Unknown Game with Unknown Rules

Nightmare on Fractal Street