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Tuesday, 5 January, 2010

A Student's Day (Poem)

I was just pondering what to write, when this topic came to mind. Mind you, it might turn out to be the worst thing you've ever read - It was a bright and sunny day, I was going to school, all the way; I reached school in sunshine, When it was almost reporting time; The bell rang and class started, And there was no way to stop it ( ). The first period was of English, We learnt poetry, and how poems are rhymish; It was a lot of fun, And in Maths, I was unfortunately called "Bun"; The topic was basic divison, Of the whole and hearty fraction. Then it was time for Hindi, Miss had somehow worn a "bindi"; Followed by Physics, Something really interesting; But made really boring, By the worst teacher in school. Then there was the snacks break, Which ended for History's sake; We learnt about the Mughals, And then Chemistry and chemicals; That gave way for Geography, After which came unwanted gujarati. The last period was of G.K., And it ended a typical day; In the end I went back home, Beacuse I had to, there was no choice; Mind you, this poem might not be good, But then, I made it looking at wood.

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