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Thursday, 21 January, 2010

Wat is love,

A warmth of freshness, or chill of fear. Or a raised eyebrow with moments unclear Together they dream a perfect life, Still they doubt it, calling it a lie???? To him: the first dew drop, in his cold winter nights, He imagines a growth of green shoots after a million lives! To her: the last word of existence that saves smiles, She believes dat saviours don't live separate lives! To him: the first ray of hope in a crashed sky, He proclaims her the mystery he dreamt thru years of trial! To her: a beautiful river singin songs of only laughter, She thinks a mirrow that has no shadow is happiness forever! To him: the proof of truth, That goodness is not only god but human! To her: the proof of love……only LOVE, A Dream dat seems so true! And to them: A covenant sealed with emotions swept in the sea of the rainbow speaking the shades of their lives………..

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