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Tuesday, 9 March, 2010

one poem of love and fear

Too many complications. Too many emotions. That's my state in the situation

I guessed we'll have a new start leaving behind everything in the past.

I was ready. Finally ready.

I could see us together,sharing thoughts chocolate and love in the future.

But life is cruel,Life is trouble.

It again threw us in a bubble.

Your past came hounding us from back and broke a little harmony we had.

Another pain, Another heartbreak, Another needle in my heart.

But this time the pinch was greater.It broke me altogether.

The worst was not knowing what was in your mind.

The unwanted feeling, the fear of losing, made me cry,made me howl at night.

Baby,I just want to tell you don't leave me ,

You are my life and only you my death.

Without I feel like a wreck....

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