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Thursday, 26 August, 2010

Some people are great with cameras

> ROSE, RAIN AND SHINE" src="" width="700" border="0">
roses in the rain on a sunny day
> Marigolds in the Rain" src="" width="812" border="0">
Marigolds in the Rain Marigolds, f/11, 1/60, 70-200mm @ 155mm with extension tube, small reflector to bring light to backlit subjects.
> Rain Drops Fallin' on My Head (and Tongue)" src="" width="720" border="0">
Rain Drops Fallin' on ~how many drops he could catch in his mouth
> After The Rain" src="" width="800" border="0">
After The Rain
> The rain as diffuser" src="" width="580" border="0">
The rain as diffuser
> Rainy Day" src="" width="584" border="0">
Rainy Day
> Flower Showers" src="" width="865" border="0">
Flower Showers
> But why canĂ¢€™t I go out mommy?" src="" width="721" border="0">
But why canĂ¢€™t I go out mommy?
> Nature's Beads" src="" width="800" border="0">
Nature's Beads Waterdrops on a spider's web.
> Autumn Red After Rain" src="" width="680" border="0">
Autumn Red After Rain

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