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Friday, 24 September, 2010


The Pakistani family crosses the river in the cabin cableway in Rawalpindi.
11-year-old Nung drawn cart, which will be used to collect garbage at the dump Bantar Gebang,
one of the largest waste-disposal sites not far from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
The detachment yarlov in Viking costumes gather around the ship during the traditional festival Aphelio in the Shetland Islands in Scotland.
The culmination of the festival is the burning ship.
Two alpacas on a farm near the town Picham, Vermont peeking from behind a fence during the annual farm show, which is held in Barre, Vermont.
Dancing the Wild Man on the street in Basel, Switzerland, during the traditional parade,
which takes place in these areas since the Middle Ages.
Swans choose partners for life, so it is not surprising that they always look so peaceful and beautiful.
10-year-old Nahid weaving a carpet at his home in Kabul
Afghan woman
Traditional carnival "Viareggio" in Italy.
Filipino boys in suits joined the annual procession of Santo Nino - Baby Jesus - in a suburb of Manila.

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