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Friday, 2 July, 2010


Vehicles of transport have long been celebrated in Pakistan ,
adorned with elaborate decorations to keep good spirits with the journey.
A fleet of particularly vibrant mini-buses ply the Karachi route called W-11,
characterized by stainless-steel panels, brightly colored plastic collages,
flashing light patterns, music beats and exuberant conductors.
As part of the Commonwealth Games, a group of Pakistani bus decorators
transformed a Melbourne Tram into what you would expect
to see on a Karachi bus routes.
Decorated trams are nothing new to the people of Melbourne ,
but this tram is different , it's not about advertising, it's about celebrating life.
As the words written in Urdu and translated in English emblazoned
down the side read "Love is Life". A ride on this tram is not about
getting somewhere; it's about really being moved.
And the people of and visitors to Melbourne can't get enough of it!
So what does the tram look like?
Based on the decorated buses that traverse the city of Karachi ,
the tram is covered in brightly coloured self-adhesive stickers that
have been cut out by hand and make intricate patterns.
No part of the tram has been left undecorated as there are beads hanging
from the ceiling and even multi-colored tassels hanging from the rear
view mirrors. Â Each seat also has a cover with a design that incorporates
both the Pakistan and Australian flag representing the
relationship between the two countries.
Responsible for the initiative were Wajid Ali and his team of decorators,
who spent four months in Karachi cutting out the stickers and putting
together the decorations. They came to Melbourne and spent another
six weeks at the Preston Tram Workshops applying the decorations to
the 30-year-old Z class tram which is just about to be retire.
Here are some pictures of the beautiful art from
outside and inside of the tram.
Warnings in Urdu and English
A group of Pakistan team members boarded the tram to look at the work.
They enjoyed it so much they began dancing to the music as tram was.
Great candid moments.
Green text says "Love is Life".
Driver's side mirror.

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