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Tuesday, 5 October, 2010

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This was taken with a Nikon D80 and a 18-55mm kit lens. This was taken at my parents kitchen, no idea about the ISO, 200 or something like that, it was a bright morning. I used bracketing (EV -1, EV 0, EV +1) and put them on top of each other and used a HDR image program, Photomatix! -Leon Lynch

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Taken with the Nikon D3S dslr with Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 lens lens at 20mm focal length, f3.5, ISO 200. Photo of my mother's grand piano in the morning. Set of 9 shots taken previous then edited for the HDR challenge today. -Heiko Gehrig

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This image is from Victoria's Butchart Gardens, on a partly cloudy Sunday this week. The light was just right to make colors – even the ones in the shade – pop incredibly, but I had to wait for some ten minutes before the breeze calmed enough to let me get 5 photos without blurring. Nikon D300 ISO 150 Sigma 18-250 lens @ about 25mm Tripod mount Lightroom + Photomatix processing -Ian Bergman

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery -Junzhi Ma

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Middle of nowhere, Alaska... surrounded by Brown bears (promise)... tried to get one in an HDR shot, but it's sometimes difficult to direct wild bears Canon 5D with 24-70 ultrasonic Canon lens 3 exposures/ 100 ISO/ bracketed from 5.6 -Dan Reid

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery "Utopian movement" era Shaker Village, in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. Camera: Nikon d300. Single raw exposure, Nikon D300 1/400 second F/8.0 ISO 320 27 mm (35mm equiv.) Used Topaz adjust for HDR effect. -Kim Huffman

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Taken with a Nikon D300 of a building being constructed near campus Tripod used, 9 images, stacked with Photomatix -David Little

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Camera Canon G11 Lens 28-140mm f/2.8-4.5 ISO 400 Aperture F4 This is my very first attempt at HDR photography. Handheld shot through a glass window on the top floor of the Osaka History Museum in Japan. Shot as 1 Raw image converted to 9 Tiffs and with -5 to +5 F stops so... ( -5, -4, -3, -2, -1 , 0 , 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ) Large image is already cropped to 16x9 wallpaper. I reduced it in size though. The original image was 3,648 x 2,736 pixels native. -Robert Scontrino

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Equipment: Nikon D5000, F10, 22mm, ISO 200 Location: Old Town Alexandria, VA -Jack C. Hsu

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery -Russ Macnab

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Canon 7D ISO 100 f/11 18-55mm kit lens at 18mm tripod remote I used 3 exposures (-3, 0, 3) to create this shot. I merged them together using Photomatix. The photos were taken in the Everglades at a site called Pahayokee Overlook. Its far from perfect I know, but its the first HDR I've managed to make. -Peter Clark

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery The photo was taken at Burnaby mountain, BC, Canada. It was very nice sunny day as summer. Me and my friend went to the hill for dinner but fancy restaurant showed pricey menu so we just took photos. Canon EOS 10D + Canon 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS + PROMASTER 72mm UV filter ISO 100 / 112mm / F9.5 / 1/1 / exp -1.5 ISO 100 / 112mm / F9.5 / 2/1 / exp -0.5 ISO 100 / 112mm / F9.5 / 4/1 / exp +0.5 ISO 100 / 112mm / F9.5 / 8/1 / exp +1.5 I did manually change exp setting for each shot. Final HDR image is made by CS3 -Hiromichi Ariga

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This shot was taken with a Nikon d60, Tamron 17-50 f2.8 DiII VC. Three shots were taken at -2, 0, and 2. In Lightroom, i used the auto tone for landscape preset. Then, I combined all three shots in Photomatix using whatever settings looked good ( I just played around until I got what I wanted). -Josh Harris

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi EF-S 18-55mm Lens ISO 100 Tripod 3 shots at 2EV, 0EV, -2EV, processed using Adobe Photoshop CS3. The National Park Service celebrates National Park Week this week in honor of Earth Day. Shot taken in Great Falls National Park in Virginia during National Park Week 2010. -Jonathan Kobaly

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Nikon D80 with Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye. ISO200, Landscape mode, Raw format. went to Time square for a walk around, took this shot and the way i created this HDR was by using the one photo and saving different exposures out from photoshop and use Photomatix to merge them into the HDR you see. i like it cause you almost dont notice that it is a HDR, but it fixed all the shadows created by the buildings. -Adam Negron

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Photo of my neighbor's shed using HDR to balance the exposure between the shed and the brightly lit sky in the background. HDR image created from one RAW file in Photomatix Pro (exported three 16-bit tiffs with -2, 0, 2 exposure adjustments in Aperture into Photomatix). Canon T1i w/18-55 kit lens. ƒ/7.1, 1/200, ISO 100. -Colin Newhouse

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This is the downtown bus station in Brownsville, Texas - 3 blocks from the border of Mexico, right outside my father's apartment. I used a Canon G10 with the stock lens on a tripod at its lowest height on the sidewalk - ISO 80, f2.8, 1/4 second with +2 / -2 EV bracketed shots for the HDR. I intentionally kept the HDR effect subtle, but it really helps bring out the colors and makes the shot look a lot nicer than the dirty, drab look this place has in person. -Alex Noriega

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery I was in Santa Monica on my lunchbreak and decided to bring my Canon 5D mk i with me. It was a perfect So Cal day, but with a lot of clouds in the sky. I liked the view from the bluff, so I decided to shoot an HDR Pano. ISO was set at 125, fstop 10, shutter speed 1/400, focal length 16mm. I set the bracketing at +/- 2 and shot a series of 5 shots with 3 different exposures totaling 15 pics altogether. The resolution of the uncompressed stitched/cropped pano is 8131 x 2886. I stitched each photo of equal exposure together to create separate panos, did some lens correction and clean up, took them into HDR shop to create the HDR file, then tone mapping, and back to final color correction and cleanup. It was a long process, but I'm going to further explore HDR panoramic photography as the result gives wider fields of tone mapped beauty. -Dave Preciado

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This is a pic of Charles Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2 that's sitting in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Picture was taken using a Canon S5-IS and HDR processing via Photomatix Pro. -Jay Marm

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This picture is taken in Rome, Italy using a Nikon D700 with a Nikon 14-24mm Wide Angle Lens. -Pranil Vora

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Canon T1i 18-55mm zoom lens Tripod ISO was at 3200 Shutter Speed was around 1/60 F-stop was at 4.5 I shot 3 exposures and combined them using Photomatix. Did small alterations in Photoshop to finish it up. I was driving by Excelsior, MN as the sun was going down and I had the urge (and equipment) to go see if I could catch a nice shot of the sunset over the lake. I grew up on Lake Minnetonka and this beach in particular has some very fond memories for me. It's a bit early in the season yet so there was hardly anyone around save for a few dog walkers. The water was calm and it was getting cooler out but everything was quiet. Just being there was relaxing enough, but add in the beautiful sunset and I'm glad I stopped by. -Dustin Solmonson

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Canon Rebel XT. ISO: 100 Exposures: -2,0,+2 Focal length: 50mm Used Photomatix and Photoshop CS4 -logan troxell

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Equipment used: Canon 1000d Used Photmatrix software for HDR 3 photos w/ 3 diff exposure set -2 0 +2 -Alexander Scott Tan

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery I took this photo a few days ago. I hope that is acceptable. Camera is a Canon G9. This is a three-shot HDR (-2, 0, +2) shot in Chicago. ISO is 80, aperture is f2.8. -Kyle Pozan

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Nikon D70s, Nikon AF 50mm 1.8, ISO 200, Aperture of F8, and Shutter Speed of 1/15 on a cheap $25 dollar tripod. After class at the University of Washington I grabbed my camera and decided to go out to take some pictures of the Union Station in Tacoma. It was pretty nice weather outside considering Washington's average temperature is usually around 52 degrees. This is my first HDR so I don't know if its too psychedelic or not. -Long Pham

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Nikon D50 Tamron 18-200mm lens 3.5f-stop 200 ISO I was in a hotel in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh. I am from long Island, Ny but i am looking at colleges to transfer too here in Pittsburgh. I was bored outside of my room and decided to test out this new HDR method on the sunset and landscape that i saw. -Sal Nicosia

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Camera: Canon EOS 7D Lens: Handheld Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 (Non IS) Exposure Time: 1/250 sec. ISO: 200 This image was taken at the Trentham Gardens Monkey Forest, in Staffordshire, England. Me & my family were walking around and I was taking all of the snaps. This was one of them. To create the HDR effect I reduced the Exposure on the RAW image to -2 and saved, then I increased to +2 and saved. I then merged all three together and generated the HDR image with Photomatix Pro. -Dan Eaton

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This is The Delano in Miami, The garden is quite surreal, so I chose a very high luminosity to highlight this feel even more. I am very new at photography, don't have a fancy cam., so I used Olympus E520 to take the pix. Photomatix to create the HDR and Photoshop to tweak the final result a bit Thanks, -Kalin Aseno

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Kenmore, Washington Camera Canon 5D Mark II Lens 50mm f/1.4 ISO 800 Aperture f/11 Shutter 1/750 -Jason Fukura

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery The Chicago Skyline as seen from the Adler Planetarium. It's a three exposure HDR processed with Photomatix. Taken with a Canon 5D mk1 and Canon EF 35mm lens. ISO125. -Kurt Elster

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery I shot this yesterday after my run with a little point and shoot from Panasonic (the ZR1 - sub $200 camera). Auto exposure bracketing +1,0,-1 & processed in Photomatix. I have 2 presets set up, one aggressive style (for the clouds) and one very light for the car and ground. After I processed the shot I blended both in Photoshop CS4. I changed the colors a bit using the channel mixer and voila! Its done. -John Wood

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery St.Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in Detroit 3 shots bracketed at -1.5,0,1.5 at ISO 100, f11 - Canon T1i -Canon 18-55mm kit lens -UV filter I've wanted to shoot this cathedral for almost 4 months now and I finally got around to it and I must say I am glad I did. It is an amazing structure, white sandstone surrounded by a number of budding trees pink and white and bright red doors.

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This is a shot of an unassuming street corner in Lisbon, Portugal. I really wasn't planning to use it until my roommate had a question about HDR photography! Camera: Nikon D200 Lens: Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 VR Focal Length: 18mm Shutter: 160/320/80 (3-shot bracket) Aperture: f/5.6 ISO: 200 -Adam Robertson

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery My campus is a very pretty campus and I have always felt proud to have studied and now work here. The attached image is my first HDR photo (after your tutorial)! I shot it with a Canon T1i - standard setup with stock 18-55 lens at ISO 100, f/18... I used a small tripod and while it was windy and there was considerable foliage movement, the results were pretty good! Looks exactly the same through my eyes -Stanislav Bogdanov

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Canon Xti with 15-55mm kit lens shutter speed 1/160 RAW F-stop 10 exposure- manual ISO-100 HDR used Photomatix Pro and photoshop CS4 taken at rancho san antonio in mountain view, CA -Ali Samieivafa

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery I took this Photo in one the valleys in the south western part of Saudi Arabi....Since the beginning of April, rain has been falling in great amounts on that area filling the valleys and making flash floods..this is a photo of the after math of one of the floods. I took three photos using the AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) option in my camera, I combined and edited them using Photomatix and Photoshop to get the HDR effect. Camera: Canon EOS 400D ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/15 sec Aperture: f/18 Focal Length: 10mm Lens: Sigma EX DC 10-20mm 1:4-5.6 -Anwar Abu Taha

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Photograph of Mershon Hall at the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, GA It is a five exposure HDR, shot using a Nikon D700, 20mm lens on a tripod and processed on Photomatrix pro. -Pablo N. Piedra

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Camera: Canon EOS 300D Lens: 28mm Sigma (f/1,8-22) Shutter Speed(s): 1/20 sec, 1/50 sec, 1/100 sec Aperture: f/1,8 ISO: 100 Initially i was just taking pictures of the sunset (i know, boring), but i figured i'd try to take a HDR pic of myself, never done it before now. Lacking a tripod, i just put the camera on the ledge of the balcony and took only one series of pictures and headed in to see how it came out. I was not pleased with the outcome, took a whole lot of editing to get it to look like this, and when i say it, i mean me. Eye-apple-vein removal, "skin imperfections" were "perfected"... -ish, among other things. -Andreas Kokkinos

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35 with a Manfrotto Modopocket. Focal length 71.6mm ISO Speed 160 using autobracketing (+1,0,-1) exposures. This is facing southwest from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Taken during a wedding in Steiner Studios, balanced on a railing with a glass of champagne in one hand. Processed using Photomatix. -Barney Schmidt

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This shot was at a local beach of mine, completely unplanned. Just saw the idea and took the shot, then messed with it in Photoshop and used the Noiseware filter for touching up and removal of excess noise. I'm quite surprised how it turned out, much clearer and more colourful than I anticipated. Canon EOS 1000D Camera with a Canon 18-55mm lens. Miranda Tripod F-stop f/13 ISO 200 Focal length 18mm Shutter Speed 1/200s & 1/400s & 1/800s for the original 3 photos. -Kevin Plant

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery camera: Nikon D90 ISO 1000, 50mm, (0, -2, 2 ev), f/5.6, (1/2500, 1/4000, 1/640) This is from my window looking out at the Charles in Boston. We had reports of hail and a quick storm brewing. I wanted to capture the contrast of the sunny day with a sweeping in storm. I tried using a very quick shutter speed stop the rain in place. I was pleasantly surprised with the grainy feel that the HDR blending gave this shot -Aaron Benson

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery The shot was taken using a Sony H9 setup on a tripod. This camera isn't a DSLR so no specs on the lens. Shot at an ISO 400 and I was about 100 yards from the house as well. Took three bracketed shots at 1.0, 0.0 and -1.0. Merged and touched up using Photoshop CS3. The house is a creepy old farm house on a friends property. -John Stephen

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This was taken on the waterwalk in Brooklyn, close to Ceaers Bay. I climbed down onto the rocks to get this shot. Camera: Canon 40D Lens: Canon 10-22mm ef-s @ 10mm f/8.0 Shot in RAW, and auto bracketed -2, 0, +2 metered for whole scene. Photoshop CS4 for RAW editing, changed white balance and a little sharpness, saved as full resolution and quality JPEG files. Photomatix for HDR conversion, and tone mapping. Back to CS4 for de-noiseing, cropping, and resizing. -Taras Zadorozhny

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This was shot while I was trekking through the Swiss Alps. It is over looking the town of Grindelwald, Switzerland. I used the Nikon D700 with the 24-70 f/2.8 lens. -Max Roper

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This picture was taken in my backyard in beautiful Utah. This mountain is a very popular hang gliding and para sailing location. This photo was taken with my Nikon D5000DX. Auto bracketing set at -2.0, 0, +2.0. Used Photomatix to render the HDR. Iso was set at 200. -Bryce Jensen

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery A Nikon D5000 with the 18-55mm lens on Manual with an F-stop of 4.8, a shutter speed of 1/15 with bracketing set at 2.0. I took a picture of my drink for the night on my coutnertop with a flashlight for contrast lighting. -Chris Ness

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Nikon D3000 18-55mm Stock Lens Photomatix Pro 3 Manfrotto Tripod 18mm, 100 ISO, f25, 3 Exp shot, -2,0,2 Was out driving around and saw these power lines with the clouds behind and different levels of lighting and quickly got some shots in. -Stephen Konzelman

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery 3 Exposures (-2,0 and +2) Canon 50D Canon EF-S10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM ISO 100 F/5.6 Focal length 10 mm I shot this at the South Street Seaport, looking back at the Financial District in New York City. This area is usually filled with tourists who come for the shopping and sightseeing. You can see the Peking Schooner on the left (an old boat before the days of steamships). I think there is a nice juxtaposition between the ship and financial buildings. AIG's headquarters is the tall black building just behind the ship. The FDR Highway is the white elevated expressway running across the photo. -Chris Schoenbohm

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Photo Name: Stormy Sunrise Nikon D300s 18-200mm VRII ISO 200 7 bracketed shots all 1EV apart Tone Mapped with Photomatrix As I pulled into my usual parking spot at school, I realized I was lucky to have brought my camera with me. It had just stopped raining and the sun rose over the hills. Thinking of the new photo challenge, I leaned against the side of my truck to make up for my lack of a tripod and shot at max fps. -Darrell Nielsen

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Pentax K-x, 18-55mm lens (55mm), 800 ISO, F5.0 I was watching a football ("soccer") match at my university when I saw this water pump on the sidelines. I switched to auto-bracket and shot away -Jordan Lackey

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Camera: Canon 30D Lens: EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Focal Length: 24mm ISO: 100 Exposure 1 Aperture: f/7.1 Exposure: 1/125 sec. Exposure 2 Aperture: f/10 Exposure: 1/250 sec. Exposure 3 Aperture: f/5 Exposure: 1/60 sec. I snapped this shot on Chicago while walking on a bridge over some train tracks. That red building in the middle stood out really well. I used the wall of the bridge as a steady mount and did the auto-bracket thing then combined the shots with Photomatix. -Nolan Gaudreau

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Shot with a Canon 450D, 50mm Prime Lens ISO 200, f2.8, 50mm focal length 6, 1.5, 1/3 second exposure time Taken on the 52nd floor of Mori Tower in Tokyo, over looking the urban jungle. I felt quite intimidated due to all the pros with high-end cameras and fancy lenses, considering I had to prop my camera up against a window since I didn't even bring a tripod. All and all I think the photo came out quite interesting! -Jordan Anthony

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This is a 360 degree Panoramic HDR picture I took of a large shopping square in Dalian China while I am traveling on a business trip. This is a composite of 84 pictures taken with exposure bracketing of +-2. Base exposure on my D5000 is F/3.5 at 18mm and 1/10 shutter speed at ISO200. Once the initial focus and exposure was set, I put the camera on manual mode to ensure that the same exposure was maintained throughout the series of pictures. Once the pictures were taken, I then created HDR versions of the sets of 3 and then merged them into a panorama using Microsoft ICE. Final cleanup (mostly noise reduction) was done in Photoshop. -Mike Downey

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Canon Rebel XT EF-S 18-55/3.5-5.6 400 ISO This is the main quad at Hofstra University. Shot this in the mid-morning, using the Auto Depth of Field setting, Ran it through Photomatix and then sharpened using the overlay/High-Pass technique. Reminds me of Pandora. -Francis Rizzo III

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery I took the picture at the University of Akron from the honors dorms "fishbowl". It was compiled in Photomatix and edited in Photoshop. I had to lay down a RAW image UNDER the final picture to get rid of some ghosting and random fake cars just chillin' in the middle of the screen. I used a Canon Rebel XT (digital) (my 1st SLR camera from a few years ago) and a stock 18-55mm lens. I hope you guys like it. I feel that it has some aspects of realism while still almost pushing the extents of HDR. -Collin Arnold

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Canon EOS Rebel XS EF-S 18-55mm lens (@18mm) f/5.7 ISO 400 -Taylor Trevathan

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Middlebury, VT. Just outside of the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. The sunset provided some very pleasant colors and I HDR'ed the photo to resemble a hand-drawn skyline in crayon. Taken with a Canon S90, ISO 80 -Jarvis Chen

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Canon EOS 20D 18-55mm lens ISO 400 f16 AV Mode (+ - 2EV) Followed the photo.tutspluss tutorial Shot from the left side of my cubicle at work -Michael Straub

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Taken at the NYC World's Fair Used a Canon EOS Rebel T2i EF-S 188-55mm F/3.5-5.6 lens Focal length 18mm Shot using Aperture priority 1/750 shutter speed at f 5.6 With +2 and -2 compensation -John Mcnamara

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Nikon D5000, 18-55 Macro -Sanman Parvalkar

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T2i (AV mode) Lens Model: EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Exposure: 0.004 sec (1/250) Aperture: f/10.0 Focal Length: 18 mm ISO Speed: 100 Taken in Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada -Jayden Rebchuk

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery This is Red Rocks Amphitheater located outside of Denver, Colorado. The huge rocks provide for natural sounding acoustics and one of the best places to hear a concert in the United States. I spent one afternoon trying to capture some sunset shots but unfortunately there was too much cloud cover. Just as I was getting ready to leave the clouds opened to allow for one quick shot. -Casey McCallister

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Canon T1i Kit Lens 18-55 IS ISO 200 Tripod – 3 shot HDR This old barn had caught my eye as I was driving around Michigan. I stopped to take some pictures and the composition came out well. -Chris Vasta

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Equipment used: Canon Rebel XTi with a kit 18-55mm lens. "Broken Barn" shot in La Grande, Oregon at the Hot Lake Hotel, one hell of a creepy place. -Daniel Berman

Shooting Challenge: HDR Gallery Sunset over the Coyle. This is an HDR of the sunset from our backyard in the beautiful Coyle Peninsula. The first exposure was something around 1/45 of a second, and just captured a faint afterglow of sunlight. The second exposure was 1 minute long and brightened everything up tremendously, the two images combine to create a really neat pic. First exposure: ISO 800, F2.8 1 Second exposure: ISO 80 F2.8 60 Panasonic Lumic DMC-FZ35 Telescope tripod -Peter Glitsch

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